Maks Metal Accessories Industry & Trading Company Ltd. was established in 1989 as a family firm.
With an experience of more than 25 years in the sector ( 50 years as profession ), the company is specialized in all types of metal buttons, special designed labels, pullers, rivets etc.
The major clients of the company are denim & woven exporters which use specific designed accessories.
Core Values
Our values are fundamental to our success. They define who we are and put as ahead in the competition. They underline our vision of the future, our business strategies and our decisions.
- Quality:
Is the main issue of the business. The rules and the process of quality are defined and the roles are very well shared with in the production team in order to deliver products with 0% defeats . For us "quality is a cycle that starts with the order and evolves in every time the cycle rebegins"
- Creativity:
We "add" our knowhow of design innovation and material combination to every order. This is one of the key elements of our business.
- Reliability:
For us, reliability of product is a combination of knowhow of material and knowhow of production techniques.
With the experience of 50 years in the business we have built specific production and design methodes that ensure the reliability of our products and our company.
- Flexibility:
The organization of the company is optimized to satisfy the specific designed short term delivery orders with full application of customer production standarts.
- Economy:
"value for money" is the main indicator for us and is the unique criteria to define our limits of competition. Offering the lowest price is not our objective.
- Customer Satisfaction:
Satisfaction is combination and at the same time result of the values mentioned above,
"better working together" is a crucial point to ensure the cycle.
This is why we chose a particular area to increaseour strengths and competitivity in order to; not only satisfy our clients but also satisfy the retail clients at the maximum level and the loyalty of the clients to our customers and us.
Production Capacity
The company has a capacity of 10 million pieces/ month with the production unit;
- settled on 2.500 m' area,
- including machine park such as;
7 special foundry machines,
6 moulding systems,
finishing machines,
1 lazer machine,
6 CAD/CAM machine
What does Maks produce?
Maks Metal has two major services:
- Design:
creation of samples and consultancy to the customers that prefer highest level of quality and production techniques. This is one of the main issues that differentiate us in the sector as well as our customers' products in the market.
- Production:
we produce all type of metal/ mould accessories including,
- Buttons& Snaps
- Rivets
- Puller
- Buckles
- Metal Labels
Quality & Tests
According to buyers expectation we are performing main tests to the products
- Nikel test - spot ( in house )
- Nikel test - EN 12472 (testing house - if needed )
- Appearance after washing tests ( in house )
- 24 hr Corrosion test (in house )
- Lead content ( testing house - if needed )
- Attachment strength (in house & testing house )